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Britni Lariviere

Founder/Owner of The Space

Britni founded The Space for a very specific reason - she needed space. After more than 9 years of teaching Pilates for other businesses, she knew that working for herself was the only way to fulfill her aspirations: optimally caring for her clients and buying those organic dog treats that her dog, Reese, loves. Working independently is something many other instructors strive for, so she created The Space to help fulfill those dreams.  The Space has it all: prime location, cleanliness, quality, and a positive environment that promotes the well being of instructors while working together, for themselves. 

Britni’s teaching is influenced by her many years as a professional dancer, including a BFA Dance, and her 10+ years of experience teaching Pilates. Her curiosity and love for her work has led her to complete certifications to with Buff Bones ®, Reiki (Level II), Myofascial Release Technique, and Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), all of which inform her approach to the body. Britni specializes and has additional training in spine conditions, weight loss, cross training for athletes (professional to amateur), pre/postnatal, and assistance in rehabilitation of injuries. She still teaches and classifies as a contemporary Pilates Instructor, and integrates her extensive knowledge into her training.  Her ultimate goal is a better experience in healing and helping her clients better achieve their goals.

Britni also dances professionally as a contemporary modern dancer in NYC.



Hi. I’m Reese. I work at The Space. I’m a Certified Therapy Dog and I volunteer with my Mom, Britni. My favorite exercises are planking on the Reformer and napping under the Ladder Barrel. Napping is an exercise, right? 

Oh! See that jar on the desk? Those are my treats. Hook me up next time you come in!