Kate M.

“Britni was one of the first Pilates Instructors I had in New York, and she has been my favorite ever since.  I remember one of the first times I saw her (in a class with 11 other attendees), she noticed that I had a hypermobile spine, and adjusted exercises for me to make sure that I was able to strengthen around it.  After I had an accident that resulted in finding out that I had a birth defect in my foot (and ended up with knee pain, TFL problems, etc), I started seeing Britni privately.  She was innovative with my treatment, trying many different things from her extensive repertoire.  Her encyclopedic knowledge, of both bodies in general and my body, made me trust her implicitly.  And it worked.  Through our sessions, I ended up with both relief for my foot and knee pain, strengthened muscles to prevent the pain from coming back, and am in great overall shape (her claim to get you the "best booty of your life" if only you KEEP GOING is entirely, 100% accurate, you can ask).  She is the perfect blend of motivational and supportive, and I am privileged to have her as both an instructor, and through our sessions, now a friend.  She is motivational, incredibly friendly, and I would highly recommend her to anyone, in any shape, and with any goals.”

Olivia W.

“I’ve struggled with my feet since childhood. With juvenile bunions and flat feet, I was told by podiatrists that I’d have arthritis by thirty. Moving to New York’s cobblestone streets and its ‘go-go-go’ mentality only made it worse.

Working with Britni is a miracle. The first time I met with her, she guided our session with Lego’s under my arches. And building foot and ankle strength led to results I never expected -- relief from lower back pain, better posture, and feet that look significantly cuter in heels.

Britni’s holistic & full-body mentality allowed me to not only start rebuilding my arches, but also strengthen and realign the rest of my body. She is truly a gem, and I cannot recommend her enough.”



Justine P.

“I had been doing Pilates for years to supplement my ballet training. I then decided to start back up with it to help get into shape for my wedding in August. I bounced around at a few Pilates studios until I found Britni. I started working with her privately and after a few months of sessions with her I was back in the best shape if my life! I also was having difficulty with a pulled hamstring and felt like it was holding me back in my workouts. Britni knew exactly how to work with my limitations and how to actually strengthen my leg without hurting it further. I feel like she not only helped me get into phenomenal shape, but she also helped me to rehab my hamstring injury to the point where it no longer bothers me and I am stronger than ever!”