Working For Yourself

An in depth discussion with owner/founder of The Space, Britni Lariviere.

Discuss how to work independently, make a healthy and lucrative living, network, gain and retain clientele, and much more to succeed on your own as an Independent Pilates Instructor.

Sunday October 20th, 2019

Photo: Colleen O’Banion

Photo: Colleen O’Banion

advanced choreography - reformer

Learn innovative choreography, movement concepts, and integrated techniques to challenge your clients on the Reformer safely and effectively while expanding your knowledge base.

With Britni Lariviere
Sunday November 17th, 2019
Limited Spots Available

Photo: Whitney Browne

Photo: Whitney Browne

hip me with your best shot

The Space is proud to be hosting educator Kim Gibilisco, MFA, MA, NCPT, RYT®

"Hip Me..." is designed to enhance the participants' understanding of the various challenges encountered and viable solution options when working with clients with labral pathologies. To date, there are no bonafide guidelines for the pre and postrehabilitation of hip scopes for labral pathologies. However, both Physical Therapists and Pilates practitioners frequently encounter pre and post hip scope patients/clients.
Successful outcomes incorporate identifying adequate ranges of motion with optimal joint congruency, alignment and efficient neuromuscular recruitment strategies in a pain-free environment. Utilizing Pilates mat and equipment, participants of this workshop will understand the rationale behind re-education strategies using the Pilates repertoire and apparatus. This workshop includes a lecture incorporating a review of surgical and non-surgical options followed by a demonstration of tailored Pilates apparatus exercises and home exercise program. The goal of the workshop is to offer new movement strategies and solutions for care and conditioning to an ever- growing
population. This course is appropriate for healthcare professionals, Pilates practitioners and professional athletes.

Sunday February 23, 2020
2:00pm - 5:00pm